Our Mission Field Journey

Go Into ALL the World

Back in 1991, we went on our first short-term mission trip to Guatemala, Central America. While we were there the Lord  moved upon our hearts about full-time mission work. After we returned to our home we sought the Lord for clear confirmation. We prayed and fasted and the Lord was faithful and made His will known to us.

He said to us, “You ask Me where to go. I already told you where to go. Go to Guatemala, but do not be closed to other countries.”  And He proceeded to give us direction and it happened just as He spoke to us.

On August 11, 1994, we and our biological children, Annie, Micah and Aaron, arrived from Minnesota to Guatemala as full-time missionaries under Mutual Faith Ministries, Int’l. We hooked up with an existing team, and were asked to run a mission house , short-term mission groups, hold evangelistic outreaches, and teach the local Church how to evangelize their own nation.

After one and a half years the team dispersed and went their separate ways, but we knew we were called by God to be in Guatemala. We prayed and fasted again and received the next step of His plan.

He led us to the streets of Guatemala to minister to a specific group of drug addicted, abused, and orphaned street children and then into the youth jails. From there, by the direction of the Lord, we started a Guatemalan foundation, Fundacion Vida Ilimitada, (Fundavida). We founded, constructed and directed LIFE Homes–Guatemala. These homes were built especially for the orphaned and abandoned children of Guatemala.

We personally fostered many children, and witnessed the amazing power of God’s grace transform their lives spiritually and heal them physically. As the ministry grew we hired Guatemalan Christians to help us care for these children. A few years later, the Holy Spirit gave us a vision for a special home called, “Life Tender Mercy Home”. This home was for children that were born infected with HIV. He specifically told us during this vision, “You build the home. I will bring the children and I will heal every one of them.” And to the glory of our Lord, He has.

We hosted many wonderful teams from around the world that  came to help build the Life Homes for the children that God would send to us. With the completion of each home the children came.

Our first foster family that we personally raised at the Life Homes consisted of 5 babies and 12 older boys who came directly from the streets of Guatemala. Many of these are now grown and married with children of their own. And we have the joy to be in contact with many of them to this day.

Our second foster family at the Life Homes consisted of 14 little children, who came to us very sick and most in the final stage of HIV / AIDS. We stood in the gap and fought the enemy for their very lives. Children that were sent to us to die, are alive and well today, by the true power of faith. During this time in the ministry we had hired Christian workers to oversee the home for adolescent boys. And then we opened up 2 more homes, one for little boys and the other was the Life Tender Mercy Home.

In the midst of life at the Life Homes, the Holy Spirit trained us how to walk in His supernatural ways. He taught us our identity in Christ, our authority over satan and all of his wicked works, the power of the spoken word and how to put our faith into action. He not only taught us these lessons from His Word, but everywhere we went He showed us opportunities to put into practice these revelations.

In the year 2000, the Holy Spirit led us to broaden the ministry into Africa and other parts of the world. He has had us target another people group, the Maasai in Northern Tanzania that has been bound to witchcraft. We are raising up a DARE to Believe Training Center to equip these people in the redemptive work of Christ and in the ways of the Holy Spirit, so that they can be free from bondage and made whole in spirit, soul and body.

And in 2010, the Lord led us to turn the Life Homes over to Guatemalan management, so that we could dedicate our full attention to the other part of the ministry. Which is to equip the body of Christ in Guatemala and worldwide.

Along with ministry to the children in the Life Homes, we minister in the Churches, in hospitals, on the streets, in the jails, and around the world and signs and wonders follow. As ministers of divine healing and miracles we witness the dead come back to life, blind eyes and deaf ears open, the mute speak, paralytics walk, HIV and many other types of sickness and disease all be healed in the name of Jesus Christ.

In 2012, Becky’s first book, DARE to Believe was published with Destiny Image Publishers. Her second book, Greater than Magic was released in January 2014.

We have also adopted five boys that the Lord brought to us to raise for His glory. Ricardo  was the first boy we rescued off the streets, and is now grown and called of the Lord to help administrate in the Life Homes. Jorge, Joaquin, Andres and Marcos, were the first baby boys the Lord gave to us. You can read several of their amazing testimonies in DARE to Believe.

We served faithfully in partnership with MFMI for 19 years, from 1994-2013.

And by the direction of the Holy Spirit we have embarked on yet another adventure with the Lord. Healing and Miracles International is the new name of our ministry. Along with the ongoing ministry to the children at the Life Homes (that is under Guatemalan management), we are dedicated to equip the body of Christ to activate the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders following, just as the Lord  has taught us over the past 20 years.

We write and share these things with you to preserve the true testimony of what the Lord has done in our lives, to encourage others that He wants to use them as well, to share our faith with the younger generation that all things are possible in Christ Jesus, to give glory to our Lord Jesus Christ, and to stir your faith to always DARE to Believe.

Love in Jesus Christ,

David and Becky Dvorak


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